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New discoveries in science and technology: the "diamond" applied to the field of batteries, safe and

Issuing time:2018-01-18 17:46

The original title: New discoveries in science and technology: the "diamonds" applied to the field of batteries, safe and efficient!

Some time ago, because cell phone lithium battery instability, leading to cell phone explosion, spontaneous combustion after another.

I still vaguely remember the fear of a cell phone explosion dominated. . .

But scientists have not given up treatment.

Recently, scientists from China and the United States jointly completed a study in which they put nano-scale diamond particles into the electrolyte of lithium batteries.

These particles effectively prevent the formation of the battery inside the resulting short circuit of the precipitate, thus eliminating the greatest extent possible fire hazards.

Lithium battery has a wide range of applications, its high density, charge-discharge performance, almost in the industrial and consumer areas have irreplaceable position.

However, if the electrode is made of lithium metal with high purity, it is easy for the interior of the battery to generate deposits called "dendrites" that will accumulate over time and, to some extent, cause the entire Battery short circuit.

Now the lithium batteries are generally made of graphite electrodes, which can reduce the "dendrites" to a certain extent, but graphite can reduce the energy storage effect of the batteries. There is a difference between the energy storage effect of graphite and no graphite and lithium batteries ten times.

The use of nano-diamond particles to add, the researchers found that not only can reduce the "dendritic" generation, but also to maximize the storage battery energy protection.

Moreover, this extremely small particles, the cost is very low cost, has a high value in commercial applications.

Next, researchers will conduct a series of experiments on the consumer level to verify the value of this material.

Maybe soon, our cell phone will be able to use this cheap, efficient way of storing energy.


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