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Good day shaking! Lithium battery industry pattern changed!

Issuing time:2018-01-18 17:41

Since January 14, the leading lithium battery pioneer Gan Feng Lithium (002460), Tian Qi Lithium (002466) slump, of which Gan Feng Lithium industry dropped limit the day before yesterday, the lowest in this morning session reached its limit. In contrast, blue Xiao Technology (300487) was unexpectedly strong, there are three board market.

The main reason for the above market is the blue Xiao Technology announced on the evening of January 14, the company and the Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Membrane Separation of lithium salt project to complete the commissioning of the production line, into the normal operation stage, and has produced high purity carbonic acid. The success of the project marks the company to achieve industrial transformation of salt lake lithium, the traditional imports of spodumene Lithium formed bad. No wonder the share prices of the two companies have substantially diverged. At the same time, we can find out the reasons for the stock price changes from the capital side.


As shown above, blue Xiao Technology January 14 before the first daily limit, although the stock did not show a significant rise, but the AI


 agency momentum has emerged 4 Lian Yang, AI agencies willing to stand on the strong side of the line. Show part of the funds have been concerned about the stock in advance. Subsequently, the announcement released, the unit directly limit, AI agency power station on the very strong line, the agency activity for three days, a substantial stand Daniel, share price with three boards.


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