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2017 China's demand for power batteries soared, lithium battery electrolyte with an annual output of

Issuing time:2018-01-04 00:00

Recently, according to the research data from the starting point, in 2017, the output of lithium battery electrolyte in China was 102,000 tons, of which the power generation accounted for the largest share of 56.8% and an increase of 16% over the same period of last year, but the growth rate was far less than that of the power battery. Main reasons: in 2017 the price of electrolyte showed a downward trend all the way, and the stock of battery companies decreased; the fourth quarter, power iron and lithium enterprises began to cut production.

Energy storage lithium battery electrolyte production in 2017 was about 6 million tons, an increase of 20%. Its growth mainly comes from the price of lithium batteries and gradually accepted by customers. At the same time, the distributed and micro-grid markets are developing rapidly, the energy storage technology in the grid is increasing, and the demand for storage of lithium batteries in the grid is increasing and the demand for back-up power in communications is increasing.


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