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Lithium battery classification and application

Issuing time:2018-01-04 00:00

Lithium battery is a general term for a type of chemical power source that uses metallic lithium or lithium-containing material as a negative electrode. Since lithium has a negative standard electrode potential and a large capacity, Compared with the conventional battery, the voltage is high, can be repeated discharge, no memory effect, no pollution, wide working environment and so on.

At the same time as the country vigorously promote energy-saving environmental protection, therefore, lithium batteries in the market is very extensive. At present a lot of lead-acid batteries have been replaced. I believe a lot of friends have used lithium batteries, then the lithium battery classification and application is what? Hebei Xin power Xiaobian to give you science about.

The classification and application of batteries, such as electric car lithium battery market is very optimistic about the current market: the battery here is mainly a battery and secondary battery. A battery is a one-time application of the battery, the battery is a battery that can be used repeatedly, so the second time here is actually multiple meanings. Secondary batteries, also known as rechargeable batteries or batteries. Unless otherwise specified, the battery mentioned below refers to more than one secondary battery.

Secondary battery classification: Here we mainly list several batteries, such as: lead-acid batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium-ion batteries.

For the secondary battery, its performance parameters are many, mainly in the following four indicators:

① working voltage: battery discharge curve on the platform voltage.

② battery capacity: Commonly used units of hours (Ah) and mAh (mAh).

③ working temperature zone: battery normal discharge temperature range.

④ cycle life: normal battery charge and discharge times.

The performance of the secondary battery can be expressed by a battery characteristic curve including a charge curve, a discharge curve, a charge-discharge cycle curve, a temperature curve, and a storage curve. The safety of secondary batteries can be evaluated with a specific safety test method.

Second, the main specifications of lithium batteries or mainly 18650 lithium batteries. Reusable for secondary batteries, in line with economic and practical principles, which is the biggest advantage of secondary batteries, natural people are the most popular secondary batteries. For the types of secondary batteries, there are four types of batteries currently available on the market, namely, lead acid (LA) batteries, NiCd batteries, NiMH batteries, and Li-ion batteries. battery. Chemical power mainly by the positive, negative and electrolyte composition.

During the operation of the secondary battery, the reaction between the positive electrode and the negative electrode is reversible. Therefore, after the secondary battery is used, it can be charged by the charger to restore the active materials of the two electrodes of the battery to the initial state, Discharge energy. Secondary battery is an important feature of repeated charge and discharge.

When the secondary battery is charged, the electric energy is converted to chemical energy stored in the lithium polymer battery, accompanied by the exothermic process. When the secondary battery is working, the chemical energy can be converted into electric energy to supply power to the load with the endothermic process. Although the battery reaction with the total heat transfer, but in the actual battery reaction is often omitted changes in heat, because the secondary battery charge and discharge process is concerned about the composition of the material changes.


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