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Salary and welfare

    The company attracts talented people with competitive compensation to ensure the company has one of the best workforce in the industry. The Company will conduct regular internal inspection of the remuneration levels of all levels of the Company's employees and collect remuneration of the labor market in the industry externally in an effort to establish a fair, reasonable and highly competitive remuneration system.
     The grading of wages according to the employee's job title, academic qualifications, ability to work, technical level and other projects formulated. Annual salary adjustment according to individual performance of employees, the company efficiency, market pay conditions. Strictly abide by the minimum wage stipulated by the local government and make adjustments as the standard changes.
     The company arranges employees to participate in social insurance according to the relevant provisions of the local government.
     The company holds entertainment every year, Spring Festival, National Day, New Year's Day and other sports and recreation competitions.
     The company organizes employees' travel from time to time。

Vocational Training

    Hongyuan's success depends on her employees. The company encourages and respects employee initiative, creativity and responsibility, and creates a frank and fair working environment.

      The company's investment in human resources development training is one of the most important goals of the company's annual work. To ensure the company has a highly qualified workforce, the company will provide skills training in business, management, language and interpersonal skills according to the needs of the work. Human Resources Department is responsible for co-ordinating and arranging training for management positions; all relevant departments are responsible for organizing training in production and technical positions.       Each year, supervisors and subordinates arrange two face-to-face employee performance reviews. Through assessment, affirmative achievement, listening to suggestions, pointing out areas for improvement, looking forward to future development goals and training required.

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